šifra: #005639
datum: 19.04.2017.
kontakt: Oystein Berge
email: oysteinb@yahoo.com

Kupovina - Gradjevinsko zemljište - Srbija - Beograd (okolina)

površina od 1000 do 100000 (m²) | cena od 0 do 3000 (€)

Hi, I have been looking at your site, and thought I would contact you. I am interested in finding a property near Belgrade. I am looking for some land where building is allowed, something maybe 20-30 minutes drive away from Belgrade. Ideally the place has a nice view (of the Danube for example). There should be connection for electricity, and also asphalt not to far from the property. I am thinking about building a simple weekend house. Best regards, Oystein Berge 

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