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Property location: Bor, Čoka Relja, Rudine 133, Serbia
Cottage : Sale, 53 m² | 7,000 €
Bor Cottage | Cottage in New Zlotska road  | Serbia Property
Marko Stoilkov,, 0653638777

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Cottage for sale in New Zlotska road settlement "Čoka Galleria", 8 km from the Bora, 3km from the turn for New Zlotski time. Fully equipped, electricity connected, well unfinished (3 m excavated, made two concrete rings, water to 6 m) (PLEASE READ THE ADVERTISEMENT TO END To make it clearer), so that when he wants to, and can complete a well and there is another solution you will read to the end of the text. Also go and complete equipment for the well (pump, hoses, cables). Water supply is the work and the introduction of urban water came to 3 km from the cottage but can also be to wait. Size of land 13 acres. A prefabricated houses on two floors of 34 m2 (fully equipped with furniture, bedding, carpets, cabinets, etc.), other extra house (kitchen and bedroom) area of ​​19 m2 also fully equipped with dishes, vessels, tools. The buyer receives and technical cottages each for (TV, stove, fridge, freezer ...). Three sheds in the lower part of the land with complete tools and equipment for the maintenance yard. It was built for storage of wood, grill, smoke box, fully operational. The plot is planted with over 20 different fruit trees as well as many ornamental trees, a huge Christmas tree, lilac, roses, various flowers ... Cottage wages and thus can immediately be made available since it receives everything necessary for a household. The only owner of the cottage ie wages I am, all registered in my name. The tax is paid on salaries and facilities and everything is regulated, and from that side. The complete transfer of all the costs are going to name the buyer. The price is 7 500 euros. - There is the possibility of buying a land to my cottage, where the well is completed and there is water (well it should be emptied and cleaned and the water can be used for drinking - checked) and that water can further used as process water for watering, washing, etc. , not only for drinking now. Also, i do not have to buy those payments to my cottage, because a well of water mentioned I personally guarantee that you will be able to use until further notice, ie until eventually you do not finish well, which started in my salary or until it is city water. The well is less than 15 m from my wages and the buyer gets the pump and the needs of the cables and hose long enough to cover the whole plot. So that water is not a problem. The plot size is also 13 acres, it is next to the well depth of 7.5 mi built a house and a wooden closet that are not just great shape. The price of the plot is 3000 when the euro is eventually wanted to take and expand. So for a total cost of 10 500 euro, when he wants to, he can immediately solve the problem with the water and also to gain a complete plot of 26 acres with all the necessary items and objects. Please only serious buyers to contact me. All transmission can be rapidly carried out immediately after the payment of money or the giving of the same hand, and you instantly get the keys from all the facilities and enters into a contract on the transfer. Again, note that all transfer costs paid by the buyer. PS Possibility of replacement for the car, for example, 5 or 6 Golf, Peugeot 207, 308 and plus your surcharge. In the case of replacement price of the cottages is higher and it is important of course that the car was in good condition.

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