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Property location: Inđija, Stari Slankamen, Serbia
Loat/Land : Sale, 166 ares | 130,000 €
Inđija Loat/Land | The plot overlooking the Danube  | Serbia Property
Fijala Vlatko,,

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Unique plot, overlooking the Danube, in the outskirts of the village next to the Old Slankamen. The plot has a 166.36 (16636 m²). On the right side there is a view of the confluence of the Tisza and part of the river Tisa towards Titel, and on the front side to Titel, Titel hill and Zrenjanin, while on the left side provides a view of the Krčedinu on Krcedinski Chad and the islands of Slankamen. The plot is located at 250 m above sea level, near the winery Whisper, 500 m from the monument to the Battle of Slankamen and 800 m from the Danube. There is an exit on twice. Suitable for construction of a luxury building with a swimming pool and related facilities or the construction of ethnic villages, hotels, nursing home, etc.. Isolated 150 m from the main road so no noise, no dust even in the summer when it is busier. Leaning toward the Danube so that there is no possibility that the construction of the neighboring plots huts view. With two retaining walls to obtain 2 completely flat land, a view would remain the same. Registered, owned 1/1, consists of 13 smaller parcels that can be merged into one. there is a possibility of enlargement. Allowed the construction of 15 buildings of 150 m² with a plot of 1500 m². The plot is unique for the fact that from Belgrade to Novi Sad there is not a piece of land about the same, with sweeping views of the Danube, and the size and access, which is passable throughout the year.